The Photographic Guide to the Birds of South East Asia


The Photographic Guide to the Birds of South East Asia is a collection of the birds of mainland SE Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, peninsular Malaysia, Myanmar and southern China.

The data on this website are used for developing free applications for iOS and Android platforms, and are the product of many year's effort in collecting photographs and sounds as well as compiling detailed information on each species, including distribution range and its presence at the main birding spots.

With the Birds of Southeast Asia Guide Apps, you can:
- Identify species by searching their names in different languages (English, Vietnamese, Thai, or the species' scientific name)

- Learn bird calls by listening to the app's sound files

- Browse species in gallery view and filter by country, distribution range, shape, size, birding location, colors, etc.

- Use our bird quiz to test and improve your bird identification skills with multiple-choice quizzes

- Record your observations with GPS tags and full information as a field notebook. You may also keep lists, post them, and share your sightings with friends or convert to Excel files for report writing.

- Download images and sounds to use offline


Vietnam Wildlife Tours & Research, the development team, would like to thank the photographers who have contributed many valuable pictures to the database. Our special thanks go to Dr. Nguyen Cu and Mr. Le Trong Trai, the authors of the book "Chim Việt Nam, 2000. Nguyễn Cử - Lê Trong Trải" - Karen Phillipps", who have permitted us to use the text of the book and allowed us to modify the "Status section" for the updated information of each species.

Some of thumbnail pictures (95x71 pixels) of the app's species which occur in Vietnam, but for which we are still missing images, were collected on the www for temporary use without mentioning credit. Many of our sound recordings were collected from open the source: We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience or concern; please contact us if this is the case.

All photo copyrights belong to the photographers and cannot be used in any publications without the expressed permission from the owners. Please contact the authors, copyright holders, or administrator if you would like to publish the photos for any purpose.

This is an ongoing project and we continue to upload pictures as well as species account information. Please visit our www site and/or look for app updates so as to be assured of having our most recent information.

Bird names

English and scientific (Latin) names in this product follow the Clements Checklist, version 2015, with updating. We are also reviewing for a number of split species which have been updated by HBW and on the  Birdlife International checklist, 2017. Vietnamese names follow The Checklist of the Birds of Vietnam (Vo Quy & Nguyen Cu, 1995).

The three recently discovered species in Vietnam                                                © Birdlife Indochina


Suggested citation: Nguyen Hoai Bao, Nguyen Hao Quang & Nguyen Van Thang (2018) Vietnam Bird Guide Apps: Available on App store for iOS devices at and CH Play for Android devices at Vietnam Wildlife Tours & Research